Northland extrudes a wide variety of materials that meet different industry specifications such as FDA & NSF approved compounds as well as UL94 HB & VO flame rated and ultra violet light (UV) stable materials. Other materials are available to meet various specifications as well as environmentally friendly green materials. Depending on your application we can suggest a range of materials from standard extrusion grade to engineering grade compounds. Our sales associates and designers will work with you to select a material that is cost effective and meets your products requirements.  Listed below are some of the materials we process and we are open to working with other materials as opportunities present themselves. Feel free to contact us and discuss your products requirements.


ABS • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) • Polypropylene • PVC (rigid & flexible) • Polyethylene (low to high density) • PETG • Polycarbonate • Noryl

Sarlink - Kraton • TPO’s • TPV’s • TPE’s • TPR's

ISO 9001:2015

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