As a plastic extrusion manufacturer, Northland Plastics perform environmentally-friendly practices.

Environmentally Focused

Northland Plastics is committed to business practices that protect the environment and promote sustainability. Our future as a plastic extrusion manufacturer entity and as a society depends upon the sustainable use of our natural resources and reducing our impact on our environment. Through innovative, intelligent design and proper material selection we are able to assist you in developing quality environmentally sustainable products that are cost effective and meet your needs.

Sustainable Energy Initiatives

In addition to developing environmentally sustainable products we continue to upgrade our manufacturing facility with energy efficient machinery, equipment and lighting, reducing our impact on the environment while providing efficiencies at the same time. Northland Plastics also appreciates any opportunities to partner with sustainable energy producers in designing and creating plastic extrusions for their needs, and doing our part in helping to make the transition to a sustainable future possible.  Fiscal Year 2023 Scope 1 Emissions: 105 MTCO2e and Scope 2 Emissions:  414 MTCO2e.

Energy efficient machinery used in plastic profile extrusion
Northland Plastics uses waste reduction and recycling programs in plastic extrusion manufacturing.

Waste Reduction

Northland plastics strives to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible through our waste reduction and recycling programs. Our policy is to strive for zero landfill contribution through efficient use of our resources as well as robust and thorough recycling programs. Plastic, paper and corrugated boxes, metal as well as our process water are all recycled. We also continuously evaluate the efficiency of our production processes to reduce the need to recycle in the first place. Through waste reduction and efficient use of material, we continually strive to reduce our direct impact on our environment.

Environmentally Sustainable Materials

Northland Plastics is committed to working with our customers to locate environmentally sustainable compounds that meet your requirements. Choosing the correct material for an application can be daunting but we have over 65 years of experience as a plastic extrusion manufacturer and plastic fabricator. Our qualified supply base can assist you in selecting a material that is environmentally sustainable and meets your needs. The material market is constantly changing and we strive to stay on top of the latest developments in our industry so as to provide you with the lowest cost environmentally sustainable alternatives for both new and existing plastic profile extrusions. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss the variety of alternative materials available and which one is best for your custom plastic extrusion manufacturing needs.