On-time delivery and responsive customer service are some of the ways that we’ve maintained longstanding customer relationships and built trust with new customers. With ever increasing demands by end customers, we understand the need to have reliable suppliers who provide quality product with on-time delivery while being proactive and responsive to customer requirements .

Our work with customers both large and small has taught us the importance of on-time delivery to support our customer’s operational goals and their end customer needs. We aim to support our customers by providing consistent and reliable delivery as expected, every time. We achieve this through our responsive customer support as well as through the design, manufacture and quality control of our custom plastic profile extrusions.

Steelcase 2020 Premier Supplier
Northland Plastics awarded 2 Gold Status by Herman Miller for plastic extrusion quality & support
Trendway awarded Northland Plastics Supplier of the year for customer service & quality plastic work

Having won consecutive supplier awards from multiple Fortune 500 customers, Northland Plastics has established itself as a leader in the extrusion industry in quality, service and delivery. With a commitment to meeting our customers’ delivery expectations, we give our customers the assurance they need to meet their production schedules. Our customer service team manages both scheduled and last-minute orders to ensure that our customers can plan accordingly and rely on receiving product when they need it. Our adaptability allows us to meet the scheduling needs of our customers, and ensure that our products reach our customers exactly when they are needed.

Our commitment to on-time delivery is shown in our responsiveness and adaptability to meet the ever changing requests of our customers and their extruded plastic profile product needs. Our goal is to be a trusted partner with our customers and to help them work through the challenges of bringing their products to market. These challenges are diminished with our unfailing commitment to on-time delivery of quality plastic profile extrusions and responsive customer service.

We extend this level of quality and responsiveness to all our customers, no matter the size or industry. Our custom plastic profile extrusions are the face of our organization and we take pride in offering superior quality in every single part that leaves our facility. Our reputation lives in our products and our quality first culture is present in everything that we create.