Custom Profile Extrusion Design Assistance

With over 65 years of experience in Custom Profile Extrusion, our team of tooling and design engineers are qualified to help you design a profile that not only meets your needs but allows us to provide you with the best cost solution. We have developed over 4000 profiles since 1953 and we are eager to assist you in designing a custom plastic profile extrusion for your application. We focus on state of the art design and continuous improvement, while relying heavily on our extensive history to produce quality parts at competitive prices. There are many things to consider during the design process, and we have helped countless customers improve or re-design new and existing parts to both increase quality and repeatability as well as reduce costs.

Plastic profile extrusion tooling

Material Selection

In addition to helping design your part we can assist you in selecting the appropriate material. There are a multitude of thermoplastic compounds available and choosing the best one for the application can be difficult. Our experienced staff and qualified supply base have the experience and resources necessary to assist you in selecting the best material for the job. We pride ourselves in finding creative cost saving solutions, and alternate materials are one way we have found cost savings while still maintaining all design and engineering characteristics required from our customers.

Many of our customers work with us to convert existing products in metal, wood and rubber with plastic extruded profiles. Our engineering and design team works with our customers to not only realize significant cost savings by switching to plastic extrusions, but to help design a replacement part that meets all of the same engineering and physical specifications and requirements that are needed to create a successful plastic alternative.

Plastic profile extrusion die design
Plastic extrusion design


All extrusion, vacuum calibration and fabrication tooling is designed by our engineers at our facility. Tooling is then built in-house using our Wire EDM, CNC machining centers and a full machine shop which yield precision streamline tools that deliver high quality parts and repeatable processes. Designing and producing all tooling internally shortens lead times and eliminates reliance on outside manufacturing. We believe that proper tooling leads to the greatest results, and having complete control over this process internally allows us to be nimble and robust in our design and execution of plastic fabrication.