Northland Plastics extrudes a wide variety of plastic extrusion materials and compounds. To provide cost savings and environmentally-friendly options, we’re constantly searching for new and alternative plastic extrusion materials that meet all characteristics of our customers’ needs. Depending on your application, we can suggest a range of plastic extrusion materials from standard extrusion grade to engineering grade compounds. Our sales associates and engineers will work with you to select a cost-effective material that meets your product’s requirements.

Profile Extrusion Materials We Work With

Plastic extrusion raw materials we work with include, but aren’t limited to:

Metal Extrusion vs Plastic Extrusion

Many of our customers work with us to replace their existing metal extrusions with plastic extruded profiles. Our engineering and design team works with customers to not only realize significant cost savings by switching to plastic extrusions, but to help design a replacement part that meets all of the same engineering and physical specifications and requirements necessary to create a successful plastic alternative.

Considering a transition from a metal to plastic extruded part? Contact Northland Plastics for expert insight.

plastic extrusion raw materials in flasks

Standard & Custom Plastic Colorants

Northland Plastics works with many customers who require custom colors for their extruded parts. We work with each customer to match the exact color needed, and have strict quality control procedures in place to achieve consistent colors from one release to the next.

Our ability to match and manage custom colored plastic extruded profiles gives our customers exactly what they need. Customers can also choose from our existing palette of colors.

Plastic Extrusion Additives

We also offer specialty additives to enhance impact strength and ultraviolet protection for interior and exterior applications, including:

  • Fillers
  • Flame retardants
  • Anti-static
  • Slip/anti slip agents
  • Antifungal
  • …and more!

Contact us to solve your custom color and additive requirements.

Plastic extrusion materials with environmentally sustainable qualities
Plastic extruded materials manufactured with energy-efficient machinery
Low waste plastic extrusion materials

Sourcing Environmentally Sustainable Plastic Materials

Northland Plastics is committed to working with customers to locate environmentally sustainable compounds that meet your requirements for environmental conditions, chemical resistance, plastic fabrication and other considerations. Choosing the correct plastic extrusion material for an application can be daunting, but we have over 65 years of experience and a qualified supply base to assist you in selecting a material that is environmentally sustainable and meets your needs.

The material market is constantly changing and we strive to stay on top of the latest developments in our industry to provide you with the lowest cost environmentally sustainable alternatives for both new and existing plastic profile extrusions.

Contact us and we would be happy to discuss the variety of alternative materials available and which one is best for your custom plastic extrusion manufacturing needs. Located in Sheboygan, Northland Plastics serves customers throughout Wisconsin and nationwide.